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The Antidote to Corporate Radio

'Tis the Season ... to Donate to Downtown Radio


The holidays are a time of giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or just like to make donations to your favorite non-profits, December is the time to think about others.

Downtown Radio has been serving up non-corporate rock 'n' roll since September of last year and has never held a pledge drive or fund drive ... until now. We are asking for your support -- community support -- to keep on doing what we do.

In addition to playing great music you won't hear on any other station, Downtown Radio has a commitment to improve the mental and emotional health of our community. Two shows that air on Sunday mornings, Let's Talk About Mental Health and The Depression Session, focus on reducing the stigma associated with seeking help for mental and emotional health issues.

Please take a moment to make a donation to Downtown Radio today. Just click on the green button in the upper-right corner of this page, make your donation, and you will automatically receive a receipt. Downtown Radio is a non-profit entity, so all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Apps for Android and Apple Smart Phones

You can now stream downtown Radio from one of our apps, our website, or on TuneIn.

Listen to us everywhere you go: at home, at work, at the gym, and even on vacation!

Streaming is an extra expense, though, so we need your support.

We know we could appeal to a broader base of listeners by playing the same old stuff you hear on other stations, but we made a decision to be the antidote to corporate radio and play music you won't hear on the cookie-cutter stations.

Downtown Radio relies on community support. If you enjoy Downtown Radio, please make a contribution today!

Vehicle Donation Program

Let us tow away your old vehicle in exchange for a tax credit. You can now help support Downtown Radio without spending a dime. Get the details here.


Special thanks go out to our super-sponsors:


Downtown Radio 99.1 FM would like to help connect those in need of mental health services with organizations that can help them. Please see here for some suggestions.


Local First Arizona (LFA) is a statewide non-profit organization working to strengthen communities and local economies through growing, supporting, and celebrating locally owned businesses throughout the state of Arizona.


The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits is a unifying association formed in 2004 to advance the common interests of more than 20,000 nonprofits in the Grand Canyon State.


What are listeners saying about us?

I am a huge fan of your station. I listen way too much.

-- J.W.

Keep up all you do at Downtown Radio. I LOVE your station!!!

-- S.W.

I love listening to Downtown Radio when I have the chance. I especially love hearing local people/artists and the insane variety of music.

-- J.M.

I love this station. How can I contribute money?

-- B.W.

You guys are awesome and I love the station.

-- N.H.

The station's DJs seem to have musical and cultural curiosity much like my own. Therefore the station opens unexpected cultural doors and touches the listeners' humanity in ways that stations based on demographics can never do.

-- M.H.

I've been riveted to the station ever since my friend Nate mentioned the station on Facebook a couple of days ago. I work in my metal art shop to the tunes as well as washing the dishes and doing some yoga stretching. Thanks to everyone and their creative selections.

-- L.B.

I LOVE your station! Got wind of it through John Schuster/Tucson Weekly a few weeks back. I'm 59 and have been into almost all kinds of music for most of my life. The variety is great. I am wearing out my Shazam app trying to figure out who I am listening to half the time! (Fine with me). After years of same ol, same ol on the other Tucson stations, you folks are a huge breath of fresh air ... your station is (new) music to my ears!

-- K.A.

Finally! Tucson once again has the right kind of rock 'n roll radio station like we had back in the late 60s and early 70s when KWFM was broadcasting the only free form "underground" music in southern Arizona. Bravo to Jason LeValley and all the hardworking individuals that have made 99.1 happen. The Tucson rock music scene has come around full circle and is now complete. And as our old dear departed friend Jonathan used to say, "music is medicine". Thank you KTDT.

-- J.G.

I've been listening during my commute to and from work, I like the station, and the variety of music, it's very cool to listen to songs/artist I've never heard before but like and enjoy!

-- E.R.

Thank you for existing!

-- J.C.

I'm a big fan of the station. I don't think I've ever said that about radio before. But, really excellent work.

-- M.M.

Hey the station is great!

-- J.D.

I'm liking what I've heard so far!

-- S.H.

LUV what I've heard so far.

-- F.D.

Great work on the station, you are already creating enough of a buzz to reach South Korea (where my family and I currently reside.) we miss Tucson and would like to hear your station. Any plans to put past shows archive on the net?

-- S.S.

it is wonderful! well worth the effort to wind aluminum foil around the portable fm radio for a better signal. big thanks for interesting radio.

-- G.W.

We live downtown and pick up the station strong and clear. Digging on the Sunday jazz. Thanks.

-- J.A.