Broadcasting from the heart of Tucson

Downtown Radio 99.1 FM Tucson is a Low-Power FM (LPFM) station operated by a 501(c)3 non-profit.

We play college, indie, and underground rock, focusing on deep cuts and tracks you won’t hear on commercial radio. Our DJs share their expertise by playing music by everything from indie and local bands to legendary icons. We want you to hear fresh tracks that expand your musical world.

Golden Boots at Tallboys, Tucson
Golden Boots at Tallboys, Tucson

What is Low-Power FM (LPFM)?

LPFM stations are designed to be localized, which means they serve a specific geographic community. LPFM-Downtown Tucson informs the community about important local issyes. We run public service announcements to support charitable organizations within our broadcast range and provide a voice for those whose say has been traditionally under-represented.

Professional broadcast standards and volunteer staff

While Downtown Radio is completely staffed by volunteers, its director, Jason LeValley, brings professional expertise and standards to the entire operation. Downtown Radio is also advised by a Board of Directors lending guidance in areas critical to the station’s operations.

Connecting Tucsonans to community services

We focus on helping to connect those in need of mental health services with organizations that can help them. Many people are suffering needlessly, and we believe we can make a difference by providing those individuals with resources that can help.

We also provide shows such as “The Depression Session”, where individuals come on to tell the story of their experience with depression.

Consider a donation to your community station

By making a donation in any amount to Downtown Radio 99.1, you will help the station continue to serve Tucson. Make a secure donation now. Thank you!

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