Bo Awesome • Arizona 411

Thursday 7-9p
Bo Awesome has been working in radio in Tucson since 1999. His love for new music led to him hosting The New Music Test Department for several years. Now he hosts The Arizona 411 , two hours of music made in Arizona every Saturday. Featuring live guests, record release dates and concert details. Want to hear your band on the show? Send an email to

DJ Brother Mok
DJ Brother Mok

Brother Mok AKA Ted Rivera

• Rock Mix — Monday 3-5p, Rock Mix — Thursday 3-5p
• The THING From Tucson — Tuesday 11p-1a
• Opus Transmission — Saturday 1-3p
Brother Mok is the on-air moniker for the raspy-throated Ted Riviera, who has three shows on Downtown Radio: two rock mixes (Monday Invasion and Radio Club Crawl) and a very unique specialty show cab xlled the Opus Transmission. He plays guitar in his band Ted Riviera’s Gunrunners, as well as a couple other bands. He and his wife have 11 children (yes, 11!) and seven grandchildren, and he is still in his 40’s.

Buck and Honey
DJs Buck and Honey

Buck and Honey

The Alternate, Friday 7-9p
The Alternate features post-punk, indie, and alternative from the 80s and early 90s, fantastic one-offs that were there and gone, perfectly good sides, unexpected remakes and deep cuts. Expect to get your REM, The Smiths, and The Cure fix here as well as lots of ear candy of the same sort. Buck was a subdude at WCSB, Cleveland State’s College radio station. They have a huge stack of records from college radio days for you.

Capucine • Peach Fuzz

Wednesday 7-9p …will have a bio up soon!

DJ Club Soda
DJ Club Soda

Club Soda • New New Dance Show

Friday 9-11p Get into your weekend groove and feel the rhythm of the night with Mix-Master DJ Club Soda — all listeners aboard every Friday night as we embark on a two-hour musical voyage of house, techno & funk paying homage to the pioneering electronic music genres of the Eighties, Nineties & beyond … Follow Radio Club Soda on Instagram.

Deedle-D the Clown

Wednesday 1-3p You don’t need a ticket to witness this show! Come pal around with DJ Deedle-D the Clown and rock out to a wild mix of rad bands and fun songs with wacky names, new underground/indie hits, theme song favorites, awesome local tracks, and many happy surprises. Balloon animals, video games, clown guests + stories happen a lot too! Follow Deedle D on Facebook for song requests.

DJ ben
DJ ben

dj ben(k) the musical bum

The Art Of Easing — Sunday 9-11a
The Art of Easing… is a mellow mix of rhythm n’ blues, jazz, chill electronica, rocksteady, dub, latin, gospel, blues and instrumental music simmered down through the headphones of an old-school beat head… Get on in and cruise with dj ben through the eclectic soundscapes… Sample playlists from previous shows: The Art Of Easing on 99.1 FM Downtown Radio Tucson.


Doctor Slow

Rock Mix — Monday 7-9a, Thursday 7 – 9 a
…will have a bio up soon!

Drew Dean

…will have a bio up soon!

The Fluorescent Chapel

Brandon Douglas
The Fluorescent Chapel is Tucson’s home for all things synthpop and synthpop-adjacent. Host Brandon Douglas spins classic artists such as Gary Numan, The Human League, and John Foxx, as well as contemporary acts like The Knife, LCD Soundsystem, and John Maus. Join in for bone-shakin’ tracks that span a 40 year history of electronic music.

Heather Vee

…will have a bio up soon!

Duane Hollis • Monday Night Metal Block

Duane Hollis standing
Monday 9-11p
Duane Hollis brings you the finest in Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Punk. Warning: This show is not for the faint of heart. Crank it up! Duane is a semi-native Tucsonan who has been in the music scene since the early 80s, playing bass guitar and co-writing in metal bands such as Emerald, Sage Meridian, and Imperium. He moved on to his long-time band Greyhound Soul in the early 90s and later joined up with Rich Hopkins and Luminarios, Creosote and a plethora of other projects. His first “real” record, Deep Purple’s “Machine Head,” was the start of all things heavy! Like and follow Monday Night Metal Block on Facebook!


Oaktown Tavern — Thursday 9-11p
Have a seat by the hearth on Thursday nights from 9 PM to 11 PM and meet Eldar, caretaker of the Oaktown Tavern and host of the European folk metal show. Eldar enjoys drinking mead from a horn and telling tales of days long past. Listen here for blasting tunes and epic anthems of heroic deeds.

Tony BallZ

Radio Free Tucson — Saturday 11a-1p
Tony BallZ was one of the first DJs on the original post-World War II Radio Free Europe in Berlin, before moving on to Radio Free South Africa, Radio Free New Zealand, Radio Free Galapagos, Radio Free Antarctica, and dozens of others. At the end of the Cold War, BallZ relocated to the States to “do his own thing.” He made significant contributions to groundbreaking pirate station KWHY before becoming program director at the mighty and world-renowned Radio Free Flagstaff.

Frank Powers

After Hours — Saturday 11p-1a
It’s… it’s… It’s… It’s After Hours with FRANK!Powers… Your BFF — Your Best FRANK! Forever — and he is always trying to make Tucson better. Listen to Frank play lots of fun cartoon party music and hang out with local artists, makers, movers, and shakers from 11 to 1am AFTER HOURS every Saturday Night. #TootTootTucson

Tyler Jacobs

Digital Rhythm
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La Mari

Tumba Muros — Saturday 9-11a
“You grow up here and you grow up there. You listen to your grandparents’ albums and 8-tracks — Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Edie Gorme y Los Panchos, Javier Solis, Tigers of the North and Agustín Lara — and then those sounds start coming undone with a healthy dose of Solid Gold, MTV, and Casey Kasem. But there’s something you long for and then one day you hear it. You hear something familiar, but not copycat, and not weakly derivative, but different — from Soda Stereo, Café Tacuba, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Kinky, Manu Chao, Estopa — and holy $hit, this is it and it keeps coming and there’s so much new stuff that it’s overwhelming, you just can’t keep up and instead you rejoice. And you are lucky that for an hour a week, you can share the Carla Morrisons and Marlis, and Girl in a Coma, and System Solars — especially here in Tucson, where so many times and people come together. ¡Órale!”

Laura Milkins

The Depression Session — Sunday 12-12:30p
Laura Milkins is a multimedia interactive performance artist, living in Tucson and teaching Art and Visual Culture at Pima Community College since 2012. She received an MFA in painting from University of Arizona and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico City. For this public performance, “Walking Stories: Mexico,” Milkins walked across Mexico City in the company of strangers, posting the stories they shared each night. Recent work includes “The Kindness Project”, spending a year contemplating kindness, and “Walking Home: stories from the desert to the Great Lakes”, in which Milkins walked 2,007 miles from Tucson to Michigan wearing a live webcam. Since 1993, Laura has been organizing art shows, performances and festivals, and has received grants, awards and international recognition for her work. Her performances focus on community and social interactions, and the role that technology plays in both.

The Depression Session Podcast is on iTunes, Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in being on the show or commenting on the podcasts, Like us on Facebook.


Rock Mix — Tuesday 9 – 11a

Mark Stegeman

Education Matters with Mark Stegeman — Sunday 11:00a-11:30a
Mark Stegeman invites guests to provide news and commentary on K-12 education in Pima County. He is an Economics professor at the University of Arizona, and a Tucson Unified School District Board member.

Mary Thorell

Rock Mix — Monday 7-9a

Max Webster

Rock Mix — Friday 5-7p
Time Warp — Tuesday 9-11p

Max Webster is the nom de radio of Mark Martinez, the operations manager at The Rialto Theatre/Tucson, Arizona. Mark took his broadcast name from an obscure Canadian prog-rock band that he likes. He’s a semi-professional photographer and once managed a Zia Records store. You can catch his rock mix every Friday afternoon/evening from 5 to 7!


Soul Vibes Sunday — Sunday 3p – 5p
Melissa has been a mixologist since grade school. She graduated from making mix tapes to hosting a show on Downtown Radio. Soul Vibes Sunday showcases alternative R&B, neo-soul, throwbacks, house, with a splash of international beats. It’s all about good vibes to get you moving and set your day right. Check out the show’s Facebook page for playlists

Michael Newman

Rock Mix — Thursday 11a-1p
Michael hosts the Thursday midday show, Horse Music. Consider it a mix of pop/rock/shoegaze/r&b, but with roots. Hailing from Arizona, but having just returned from the Pacific Northwest, Michael has a great fondness for the desert and couldn’t resist giving his show a title suggestive of the cowboy scene. Michael was formerly owner/booking agent for The Waypost in Portland, and a drummer/lounge singer. Now he’s hoping to lend two hands toward reforming the justice system in this country. Peace and love to you listeners!.


Space Rock Spectacular — Wednesday 9-11p

Mike and Cassie Peel

…will have a bio up soon!

Mike Ohno

Garage-au-Go-Go — Friday 11p-1a
Garage au go-go is a weekly dive into the audible delights of the garage band scene, including the early British beat and psychedelic rock of the 60’s, fringe rock of the 80’s and snotty garage punk of the 90’s and beyond. It is a varietal weekly dance party! Your host, Mike Ohno, a garage band enthusiast for years is no stranger to the garage band scene himself, having been the host of the cable access music variety show “Rockstock” in the mid 80’s, to being guitar player and co-founder of the Phoenix based garage outfit, “Thee Oh No’s”. Mike brings you sometimes gritty, sometimes funky, sometimes far out — but always interesting world of garage band music.

Downtown Radio 99.1 DJ Moink
DJ Schmackie


Rock Mix — Thursday 5-7p
Schmackie’s rock ‘n’ roll mix show features everything from lesser-known classic rock songs to current indie-rock material with some classic metal and punk thrown in for good measure.

Night Al

…will have a bio up soon!

Prince J

Rock Mix — Wednesday 11a-1p
Hang out with Prince J & friends each week for music, stories & more! Experience more good times online! Go to Facebook or @PrinceOfBogdare on Instagram & Snapchat!

Rock Mix

Our Rock Mix contains more gemstones and less gravel than any other station in Tucson!


Rock Mix — Wednesday 5-7p
It’s the middle of the week. That twilight time. A chance to make your week continue magically, or get it back to magical, by trying to listen to the rhythms of our little pueblo and translate that into mild chat and lots of good music. Of course – sometimes Satan gets a little bit distracted and goes on a tangent here and there. We’ll see if we can’t have a little more exploratory metaphysics in the late night. A little bit of theatre acting here, a little bit of scripture music busking there. Dad by day, your ever-loving wax spinning (or mp3 clicking) dj Wednesday nights. Satan, aka Brian Taraz, has been in Tucson about 10 years now. Lovin it lovin it.


Schuniverse — Tuesday 7-9p
Progressive rock is the Schuniverse. Itself a vast, expansive genre that stretched and inspired the musical imagination, and often didn’t know how to edit itself until a song played through its, well, progression. That last part at least makes selecting tracks reasonably easy, since on some weeks six songs could encompass the entire two-hour playlist set. From classic prog artists such as Jethro Tull, Genesis, King Crimson and Rush, to neo-prog masters Marillion, IQ and Pendragon, to newer artists such as Opeth who cut their teeth in metal, the Schuniverse blankets the spectrum with musical genius. Musical wonder. Musical miracles. As varied as the stars in the Old Pueblo sky, the artists that adorn the Tuesday night aural canvas will open one’s senses to new possibilities. They are the musicians who made it a point to go boldly where others had not. Where others would not. They are the pioneers who continue to push the boundaries, from what we know to the dark flow we have yet to discover. This is The Schuniverse.

Smashed Barry

Sundays with Smashed — Sunday 5-7p
“Sundays with Smashed” will take the listener on an electronic journey all around the world. We will explore many different realms while concentrating on staying off the mainstream radar. The playlists will be carefully crafted to provide you with a unique experience each week. Whether it’s dance or meditation you’re seeking, all needs will be met in this two hour long therapy session. Barry Wachter, A.K.A Smashed Barry, is a transplant from North Carolina who moved here a few short years ago to discover a new life. Along this journey has evolved a deep love for electronic music. Sharing this passion with you brings my life a new happiness. Enjoy … and thank you so much for listening!!!

Sopa Loca

Rock Mix — Tuesday 5-7p
Marta aka Sopa Loca has been squinting, hearing, meowing, squeezing, squishing, music for years. Equal parts Seattle and Brooklyn, she was born in Tucson on a snowy day in April.


Rock Mix — Wednesday 3-5p

Tom Heath

Life Along the Streetcar — Sunday 11:30a-noon
A weekly look at social, cultural and economic topics impacting the lives of those who live, work and or play in Tucson’s urban core. Our geographical focus is from “A” Mountain to U of A — and all stops in between. Our mission is to engage the community in conversation about past, present and future issues which affect us differently and shape us collectively.

Troy Olson

Channel X — Saturday 7-9p
Troy Olson (or “TROLL” to his Frenemies and old school progenitors) is a musical bon vivant and vinyl historian of aural mayhem and underground cacophony! Starting as a house DJ at the now defunct PINK CADILLAC CAFE with ‘Associated Sound Systems’ (A.S.S.) from its inception to close, he tutored (tortured?) with local luminaries SPYDER RHODES and later PAUL SAINZ as he plied his craft of wax villainy, then branched out to MUDBUGGS/The ROCK, RUNES CAFE, CLUB CONGRESS, CLUB CHAOS, NEW ORLEANS NIGHTCLUB, The UNDERGROUND, and a host of other unsuspecting venues throughout the years! As he always says “Play with the BEST, die like the REST!” … it doesn’t make any sense but then, he never had any to start with.

Mr. Bill Owens
Mr. Bill Owens

Mr. Bill

Rock Mix — Tuesday 11a-3p

Bill is a reformed multi-instrumentalist (none of them with any virtuosity) singer/songwriter with a weakness for 60’s British invasion, 80’s alternative, and almost any interesting emerging music. He led bands in Minneapolis and San Francisco, with a couple of 7” records (self) released in the late 70’s and early 80’s, one of which has gained a sort of cult status (the other, frankly, just wasn’t very good…) Prior to 99.1 FM, Bill was a stranger to radio (much to his chagrin, as he really, really wanted his records to be played on the radio)…
His goal with the rock mix show is to explore and share great music with you that ought to have been heard, but is/was often ignored by the masses. He doesn’t watch TV (it has been years since he’s seen or heard a commercial), and declines to listen to mainstream radio — so if you hear something familiar at times on his show, it is because he is blissfully ignorant of most popular culture, and doesn’t know or realize that something may have gained some popularity without his knowledge…
His goal with each show is to introduce (or perhaps reacquaint) you to/with great under-heard artists, to support and provide airplay for Tucson musicians, and hopefully, play at least a couple pieces each week that have never graced your ears before. On any given show, you will hear music that spans the last 60 or so years.

If you like (or don’t like) something you heard on his show, or have a request or comment, feel free to reach out:

Ty Logan

…will have a bio up soon!


SpeakerBox X — Sunday 1-3p
SpeakerBox X (SBX) was born out of love for underground hip hop. The letter X is commonly used to represent unknown circumstances and that is what SBX strives to deliver: hip hop that is unknown and unpredictable. SBX seeks to spread awareness about the origins of hip hop and how it has evolved, as well as dispel negative viewpoints of the genre that have been perpetuated by mainstream culture and media. It is the goal of SpeakerBox X to showcase songs that are socially conscious, radical and moving that you won’t hear on corporate radio or see on the Billboard charts. SBX also seeks to promote Tucson emcees, DJs, producers, breakers and graffiti artists and place the city on the map for pioneering the next elevation of hip hop in the nation and worldwide. Visit our Facebook page for information on local hip hop music, artists and events. Send your underground hip hop song requests to


Cave of the Kitten King — Monday 11p-1a
Join the Kitten King in his infernal lair for a night of classic metal, featuring NWOBHM, power, doom, thrash metal and more from the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s. If you like bands like Iron Maiden, Cirith Ungol, Storm Witch, Satan, and Witchfinder General then tune in for classics you miss and obscure bands you missed. Every Monday 11pm till eternity (1 am).

Voxie Lady

…will have a bio up soon!

Xan Solo

Indie Discotheque — Saturday 9-11p
Having always been told that he has a great face and voice for radio, Xan Solo has always aspired to be a radio DJ and share his love of electronica music with the world. He has finally gotten his chance and is down to play the freshest tracks he finds. A Tucson transplant hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Xan has grown to hate Tucson less and less with each passing day. He hopes that the public will hate him less and less as he drops the beats for you on Saturday nights at 9:00.