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When: Sunday, 27 August 2017, 2p
Where: Saint Charles Tavern, 1632 S 4th Ave (see Google Maps)

Jason LeValley

Board President and Program Director


Jason LeValley caught the rock 'n' roll bug around the age of 13 and continues to have an insatiable ear for new music. He has booked bands at clubs and has helped raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations through a number of special benefit shows. He co-founded, managed, and promoted a recurring comedy show called the Club Congress Comedy Fiasco and has written about music for various periodicals in Arizona as well as California. Additionally, he is a songwriter/singer who has played in a few local bands.

LeValley also has a Master's in Counseling from Santa Clara University and a passion for helping others. He has a background in mental health and has spent 18 years working as a high school counselor.

LeValley got started in radio as a college student at the University of Redlands and gained three years of valuable radio experience at Tucson's KXCI. Additionally, he published an e-book about bullying (and music) called Caitlin Sings a Song.

He is also apparently hell-bent on world domination.

Photo Credit: Nicci Radhe, Celesteal Photography

Tom Knauer

Vice President


Tom Knauer is a native New Mexican who has called Tucson home for the past 12 years. He studied creative writing and journalism at the University of Arizona -- contributing a total of ten semesters/summers to the student newspaper and radio station -- before attending law school there, as well. He is a practicing criminal defense attorney with the Pima County Public Defender's Office.

Tom also plays bass guitar for two local bands you've never heard of (yet). He is excited to see how Downtown Radio complements its neighbors within a vital area of town: supporting up-and-coming community acts; promoting personal and cultural enrichment via art and music generally; and raising awareness about mental health and similar issues crucial to the well-being of one and all.

Rocco DiGrazia

Frustrated with his incompetence in the music industry, Rocco DiGrazia has found some measure of acceptance in food service. He has served as a board member of Tucson Originals and on the Citizen's Task Force for the Broadway corridor project, and continues to toss pies and flip wings at Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria on Broadway. He still dabbles in music to his children's dismay.

Eric Schaffer

Tom Rex

Mark Mason