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Alex Greengaard

The Whole Enchilada - Tuesdays 7-8p


Alex Greengaard is an artist, teacher, and anthropologist. He runs a children's theatre in town (Troubadour), organizes a weird annual event (Fine Art: 5 Cents), teaches Humanities at Khalsa Montessori, and plays music here and there with Kicking Leaves and The Wolfgang.

The Whole Enchilada is a radio program that honors the album art-form. Alex Greengaard selects an entire album from the rock and roll canon and spins it from beginning to end. The show also includes commentary and editorial seeking to identify themes and patterns of discourse within albums while building understanding of the social and political contexts surrounding them.

Anna & Lyric

Motion Sickness - Sundays 3-5p


Motion Sickness began as a collaboration between two awkward, sassy besties, Anna and Lyric, playing music they love. Namely, weird, sexy, ambient music. Lyric now lives in Flagstaff, but Anna keeps the tunes coming. Pop yo' Dramamine for two hours of indie R&B, Sundays from 3-5.

Anna is a writer, funny lady, frequent performer at FST! Female Storytellers, barista, and -- most importantly -- cat mom. She gets pumped re: dialogues about social justice, spirituality, and creativity. In her free time, you can find her watching spooky YouTube vids, taking part in racial justice Bible studies, drinking funky cocktails, and applying to creative nonfiction MFAs.

Say hey or make song requests! Find Motion Sickness on Facebook.


Second Star Sound - Saturdays 3-5p

Ben Dayho

Punk 'n' Stuff - Fridays 9-11p

Bill Elm

Burnin' Coal - Sundays 7-9p

Bo Awesome

Arizona 411 - Saturdays 7-9p

Brian Lane

Downtempo Indie - Saturdays 5-7p

Brian is bringing you your favorite downtempo songs that you have never heard. Tune in to hear his secret collection of indie tracks made up rock, pop, and a touch of psychedelic vibes. Check out Downtempo Indie to see the weekly playlist and past playlists.

Brother Mok

Rock Mix - Mondays 3-5p

Rock Mix - Thursdays 3-5p

Opus Transmission - Saturdays 1-3p


Buck and Honey

Alternate - Fridays 7-9p


The Alternate is our alt-rock show and features post-punk, indie, and alternative from the 80's and early 90's. We like to play fantastic one-offs that were there and gone, perfectly good sides, unexpected remakes and deep cuts. Expect to get your REM, The Smiths, and The Cure fix here as well as lots of ear candy of the same sort.

Buck was a subdude at WCSB, Cleveland State's College radio station in the late 80's and early 90's. Honey was a student at UofA all thru the 80's and now DJs at a local resort. We have a huge stack of records from our college radio days and have fun playing them on The Alternate show.

Deedle D

Rock Mix - Wednesdays 1-3p


You don't need a ticket to witness this show!

Come pal around with DJ Deedle-D the Clown and rock out to a wild mix of rad bands + fun songs with wacky names, new underground/indie hits, theme song favorites, awesome local tracks, and many happy surprises. Balloon animals, video games, clown guests + stories happen a lot too!

Something for everyone here every Wednesday from 1-3pm, and online at Facebook for song requests.

dj ben(k) the musical bum

The Art Of Easing - Sundays 7-9a


The Art of Easing is a mellow mix of rhythm 'n' blues, jazz, chill electronica, gospel, blues, rocksteady, dub, Latin & instrumental music.

DJ Davi Crash

Rock Mix - Mondays 5-7p


DJ Davi Crash moved to Tucson for college and never left. She had a show on the University of Arizona's station, KAMP student radio, called "Radio She-Bop," in which she focused on playing lady musicians who might not otherwise get airtime. She loves playing an assortment of rock music with a focus on punk, post-punk, '90s alternative, and indie. Go like the 99.1 FM Monday Evening Rock Mix on Facebook!

DJ Davi Crash has volunteered for Girls Rock! Denver and Girls Rock! Phoenix, music camps that encourage girls to pick up guitars and rock out! She has an adorable pirate cat named Captain Henry -- check him out on Instagram at @captainhenryoneeyedcat.

DJ Mario

The Atlantic Corridor - Sundays 9-11p

Mario and Jeremy's Week Spot - Mondays 11p-1a

[dj_mario_1] [dj_mario_2]

Mario writes poetry, plays the drums, shoots no-budget films, and smiles a lot. He used to be a Brazilian from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, land of the Gauchos, but now he's a temporary Tucsonan and very happy to be here.

He hosts The Atlantic Corridor, a world music show that showcases the hidden similarities between many unlikely musical genres from Western Africa and Eastern South America -- such as Maracatu, a rural rhythm from Northeastern Brazil which was actually originated as an investiture performance in the Congo.

In broader terms, a puzzling sonic affinity is equally observed between African folk from the 50s and 60s and Brazilian folk from the 70s to the 90s; that vast universe of music is what The Atlantic Corridor is all about!

DJ Marsh

The Marsh Mellow Show, Sundays 9-11a

The Marsh Mellow Show is an exploration of textural and spacial soundscapes, both synthetic and organic, wrapped in the ultimate of tranquilo. Kick back and glide through tonal lakes and sonic vistas every Sunday evening from 9 to 11 am.

DJ Marsh is a native Tucsonan.

DJ Spitegeist

Thursday's Child - Thursdays 7-9p

Rock Mix - Fridays 3-5p

Radio Friday - Fridays 11p-1p


Julie Jennings Patterson is a sometime freelance writer, community activist, pop nerd, music lover and not so secret nerd. When growing up she wanted to be one of the Muses from Xanadu or a Spider From Mars. Sadly, those career options were not available. Lucky for you she turned to volunteer DJing instead.

Julie hosts the Spitegeist eclectic rock mix every Friday and Thursday's Child every Thursday on Downtown Radio.

Doctor Slow

Rock Mix - Thursdays 7-9a


Rock Mix - Tuesdays 11a-1p


Dave is a cultural resources specialist who has lived in Arizona for more than 20 years. His musical tastes are as diverse as the southwestern landscape.

Drezz and V-Riv

SpeakerBox X - Sundays 1-3p


SpeakerBox X (SBX) was born out of love for underground hip hop. The reason for the name SpeakerBox is pretty self-explanatory. However, the letter X is commonly used to represent unknown circumstances and that is what SBX strives to deliver: hip hop that is unknown and unpredictable.

SBX seeks to spread awareness about the origins of hip hop and how it has evolved, as well as dispel negative viewpoints of the genre that have been perpetuated by mainstream culture and media.

Hip hop is a genre that has deep roots in revolution and community. It is the goal of SpeakerBox X to showcase songs that are socially conscious, radical and moving that you won't hear on corporate radio or see on the Billboard charts.

SBX also seeks to promote Tucson emcees, DJs, producers, breakers and graffiti artists and place the city on the map for pioneering the next elevation of hip hop in the nation and worldwide.

Hosted by Hip Hop Heads Drezz and VRIV.

Visit our Facebook page for information on local hip hop music, artists and events. Send your underground hip hop song requests to speakerboxxtucson@gmail.com.

Duane Hollis

Metal - Mondays 9-11p


Monday Night Metal Block with your host Duane Hollis - Every Monday Night from 9-11pm brings you the finest in Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Punk. Warning: This show is not for the faint of heart. Crank it up!

If you think you are too old to rock 'n' roll then you are.

-- Lemmy Kilmister

Duane Hollis is a semi-native Tucsonan who has been in the music scene since the early 80's. He began cutting his teeth in metal bands such as Emerald, Sage Meridian, Imperium ... playing bass guitar and co-writing the music. He moved on to play with his long time band Greyhound Soul in the early 90's and later joined up with Rich Hopkins and Luminarios, Creosote and a plethora of other projects.

Duane's first musical (album) experience was the usual Elvis record and the occasional Grand Funk Railroad 45, that was until his sister bought him his first "real" record, Deep Purple's Machine Head ... the start of all things heavy!

Like and follow Monday Night Metal Block on Facebook!

Eric Lee

This Is How We See It - Sundays 11a-12p


Frank Chipotel and Tony BallZ

Radio Free Tucson - Saturdays 11a-1p


Although born in America, Frank Chipotel spent his formative years in England, tutoring under legendary British disc jockey John Peel. Peel referred to Chipotel as "The most exciting new voice in radio" on several occasions and was rumored to be grooming him as a replacement. Upon Peel's death in 2004, the BBC offered Peel's show to Chipotel, which he turned down, preferring to return to the States and "do his own thing."

Tony BallZ was one of the first DJs on the original post-World War II Radio Free Europe in Berlin, before moving on to Radio Free South Africa, Radio Free New Zealand, Radio Free Galapagos, Radio Free Antarctica, and dozens of others. At the end of the Cold War, BallZ relocated to the States to "do his own thing." He made significant contributions to groundbreaking pirate station KWHY before assuming the Herculean task of program director at the mighty and world-renowned Radio Free Flagstaff.

After the much-publicized and untimely demise of Radio Free Flagstaff, Tony BallZ combined forces with Frank Chipotel in the Radio Free Tucson project, representing, "The culmination of our individual experiences into a coherent whole, combined with an eye on the future of the broadcast medium and the desire to rock out."

Frank Powers

After Hours - Saturdays 11p-1a


It's... it's... It's... It's After Hours with FRANK!Powers... Your BF!F -- Your Best FRANK! Forever -- and he is always trying to make Tucson better. A one man band of promotion, Frank hosts events Downtown every single week and weekend creating a path of distraction for Tucsonans to revel in. Listen to Frank play lots of fun cartoon party music and hang out with local artists, makers, movers, and shakers from 11 to 1am AFTER HOURS every Saturday Night. #TootTootTucson

Heather Vee

Radio Oscura - Tuesdays 8-10p


Heather Vee moved from North Carolina to Tucson in November 2002. She has written and edited a few books, freelanced for a few entertainment and music blogs, and still has every mix tape and CD ever given to her. She hosts Radio Oscura, two hours dedicated to exploring the spectrum of dark rock, both classic and new, from gothic and deathrock, dark/coldwave, ethereal, sinister synthpop, and dark cabaret, to apocalyptic neofolk, southern gothic, neoclassical, and menacing post-punk, post-rock, and post-industrial. If it's dark, dramatic, terrifying, and/or beautiful, it has a home on Radio Oscura.

Like and follow Radio Oscura on Facebook for playlists and updates.

James Turner

Memento Mori - Wednesdays 11p-1a


Memento Mori is Tucson's source for black, doom, dark ambient, and noise brooding from the crypts. Wednesday nights from 11-1 am on 99.1 Downtown Radio.

Jeremy Warner-Bratton

Mario and Jeremy's Week Spot - Mondays 11p-1a

Kelly G


Kelly G is a native Tucsonan who has always had a deep love and passion for music. As a kid she would spend endless hours creating mix tapes to give to friends, family and just about anyone who wanted one. With dreams of mastering a musical instrument (which never happened), Kelly G realized she had a talent for songwriting. She has written and co-written several songs and possess a knack for writing funny parodies.

La Shy Girl and The Man

The Static - Saturdays 9-11a


The Static is a two-hour alternative jam session hosted by The Man and La Shy Girl. The diverse auditory pickings brought to you each week consist of raw indie tunes for those rock 'n' rollers, catchy beats for those looking for some wholesome hooks, melancholy laments for those heartbroken yet unforgotten, and defiant righteous indignations for those who get their thrills through rebellious spirit.

The first hour is hosted by The Man, the only DJ in the observable universe who is somehow more confusing than the music he plays.

The second hour is hosted by La Shy Girl, bringing you a Latino Alternitivo selection that introduces some new and much-needed Hispanic grooves to the airwaves.


You grow up here and you grow up there. You listen to your grandparents' albums and 8-tracks — Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Edie Gorme y Los Panchos, Javier Solis, Tigers of the North and Agustín Lara — and then those sounds start coming undone with a healthy dose of Solid Gold, MTV, and Casey Kasem.

But there's something you long for and then one day you hear it. You hear something familiar, but not copycat, and not weakly derivative, but different — from Soda Stereo, Café Tacuba, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Kinky, Manu Chao, Estopa — and holy $hit, this is it and it keeps coming and there's so much new stuff that it's overwhelming, you just can't keep up and instead you rejoice.

And you are lucky that for an hour a week, you can share the Carla Morrisons and Marlis, and Girl in a Coma, and System Solars — especially here in Tucson, where so many times and people come together. ¡Órale!

Laura Milkins

The Depression Session - Sundays 12-12:30p


Laura Milkins is a multimedia, interactive performance artist, living in Tucson and teaching Art and Visual Culture at Pima Community College since 2012. She received an MFA in painting from University of Arizona in 2008. In 2009, she was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico City. For this public performance, "Walking Stories: Mexico", Milkins walked across Mexico City in the company of strangers, posting the stories they shared each night on a BLOG. Recent work includes "The Kindness Project", spending a year contemplating kindness, and "Walking Home: stories from the desert to the Great Lakes", in which Milkins walked 2,007 miles from Tucson to Michigan wearing a live webcam.

Since 1993, Laura has been organizing art shows, performances and festivals, and has received grants, awards and international recognition for her work. Her performances focus on community and social interactions, and the role that technology plays in both.

The Depression Session Podcast is on iTunes, Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in being on the show or commenting on the podcasts, Like us on Facebook.

Check out The Depression Session online!

Leila Lopez

Rock Mix - Tuesdays 5-7p


Leila Lopez grew up in the heart and soul of Tucson's thriving arts and music community. A musician herself, she draws from a diverse catalog of music both new and old, in hopes of utilizing one of the most powerful and universal qualities that music can offer: the power to unite through consequence of sound.

Mama Taina

Rock Mix - Mondays 1-3p

The Esperanto Zone - Sundays 5-7p


Mama Taina is a radical queer cripactivist of color who never met a piece of music she didn't like (except super-commercial country and "light" jazz). She is a recovering academic who adores amphibians, cephalopods, tortoises, marsupials, and sloths. Mama Taina would like to dismantle the stranglehold of capitalism and patriarchy on our world but has trouble parallel parking and keeping her life organized. She secretly practices music magic. She may be transforming you even now.

The Esperanto Zone is a very small place with a very large idea: world music is our common heritage. We play new and older music, all genres ranging from classical to hip hop, as long as they serve as postcards from human relatives we haven't met yet. We also play regional/ethnic music from the United States that is not viable within corporate radio, such as First Nations, Tex-Mex, polkas, zydeco and cajun.

Instead of consuming human blood to stay young, Mama Taina hosts The Rock Mix on Mondays from 1 to 3 PM, thus keeping up with "what the kids are listening to."

Mary Thorell

Rock Mix - Mondays 7-9a

Rock Mix - Fridays 7-9a


Hard Facts About Mary:

  • When it comes to French horn I have chops like a helicopter.
  • Less people live in my Nebraska hometown than there is money in my bank account.
  • When it comes to magic I give David Blaine a run for his money.
  • I was kicked out of my sorority because it turns out you have to be a student and are NOT supposed to let yourself in through the basement window.
  • When grocery shopping I take items off the shelf by roundhouse kicking them into my or other people's carts.

Soft Facts About Mary:

  • I accidentally roundhouse kick my husband on a continual basis.
  • My night terrors are off the chain.
  • I burned down a house when I was 7, whoops.
  • I triple knot my shoes. I've been wearing them for 3 years.
  • Biggest influences: Michael Jordan, Bono, Ron Popeil.

Massive Irrelevance

Metal - Fridays 11p-1a


Massive Irrelevance is an eclectic ensemble of angry, aggressive, vicious metal tempered with stoner, doom and gloom metal. Neither "lollypop" or "flatulence" metal shall be tolerated. But, from time to time, statistical anomalies will be injected to ensure maximum entropy and confusion.

Enjoy the emotional catharsis that Massive Irrelevance is.

If you know of any local Southern Arizona METAL BAND that wants some airtime for their intellectual property, send me an email with contact information and let us get some local METAL on the air.


Matti Cee

Straight Up - Sundays 11p-1a

Max Webster

Rock Mix - Mondays 11a-1p

Rock Mix - Fridays 5-7p


Rock Mix - Thursdays 5-7p

Moink's Madhouse - Saturdays 3-5p


Moink has two shows. One is his rock n' roll mix show, which features everything from lesser-known classic rock songs to current indie-rock material with some classic metal and punk thrown in for good measure.

The other is Moink's Madhouse, in which Master Moink plays classic psychedelic rock, neo-psychedelia, golden nuggets, forgotten gems, and bits of the bizarre -- basically anything to make your head expand and retract in rhythm to the colors of the sound. Well worth the cost of turning on the radio.

Mr. Mugy and Mr. Rickets

Cabin Fever - Thursdays 9-11p


Cabin Fever brings you deliciously disturbing and downright deranged decibel doses to boil your blood and drive you mad. Tune in Thursdays from 9-11p for a blend of punk, ska, surf, and (naturally) doo wop.

Like and follow Cabin Fever on Facebook!

Pamela Field

Let's Talk About Mental Health - Sundays 12:30-1p

The Human Connection (no set time)


Pamela Field is psychiatric nurse involved in community mental health and civic projects related to mental health. She is a mental health writer and has worked at the grass roots level in fundraising and community building. Her passion is public awareness of mental health issues. Past and current work experience includes acute psychiatric care, community mental health, forensic care, juvenile detention, and medical work.

Pete Christensen

Rock Mix - Monday through Friday 9-11a

Prince J

Rock Mix - Wednesdays 11a-1p


Hang out with Prince J & friends each week for music, stories & more!

Experience more good times online!

Go to Facebook or @PrinceOfBogdare on Instagram & Snapchat!

Rude Mike

RastaSkaPunk - Wednesdays 7-9p (with Mad Matt)


Rock Mix - Wednesdays 5-7p

[dj_brian_taraz] [dj_brian_taraz_forest]

Satan, aka Brian Taraz, has been in Tucson about 10 years now. Lovin it lovin it.

A little bit of theatre acting here, a little bit of scripture music busking there. Dad by day, your ever loving wax spinning (or mp3 clicking) dj Wednesday nights.

It's the middle of the week. That twilight time. A chance to make your week continue magically, or get it back to magical, by trying to listen to the rhythms of our little pueblo and translate that into mild chat and lots of good music. Of course - sometimes Satan gets a little bit distracted and goes on a tangent here and there. But not too much on Wed. Maybe if We (yes, the royal "we" - hee, hee) behave, and can dial in the logistics, we'll see if we can't have a little more exploratory metaphysics in the late night.

For now - its good times and lots of love.

Photo Credit: Victor Ciccarelli


Schuniverse - Tuesdays 10p-12a


The Schuniverse is a vast and expansive place, and only vast and expansive music can encapsulate something of such magnitude.

By vast and expansive, of course, we mean really, really long. Like the Schuniverse, it ebbs, it flows, and it transitions. It embraces the occasional Moog organ. And maybe a flute now and again. And guitar, and keyboards, and well, whatever infinite instrumental possibility permeates the creative sphere.

Progressive rock is the Schuniverse. Itself a vast, expansive genre that stretched and inspired the musical imagination, and often didn't know how to edit itself until a song played through its, well, progression. That last part at least makes selecting tracks reasonably easy, since on some weeks six songs could encompass the entire two-hour playlist set.

From classic prog artists such as Jethro Tull, Genesis, King Crimson and Rush, to neo-prog masters Marillion, IQ and Pendragon, to newer artists such as Opeth who cut their teeth in metal, the Schuniverse blankets the spectrum with musical genius. Musical wonder. Musical miracles.

As varied as the stars in the Old Pueblo sky, the artists that adorn the Friday night aural canvas will open one's senses to new possibilities. They are the musicians who made it a point to go boldly where others had not. Where others would not. They are the pioneers who continue to push the boundaries, from what we know to the dark flow we have yet to discover.

This is The Schuniverse.

Sopa Loca

Rock Mix - Wednesdays 3-5p


Marta, aka Sopa Loca, has been squinting, hearing, meowing, squeezing, squishing, music for years. Equal parts Seattle and Brooklyn, she was born on a snowy April day in Tucson.

Troy Olson

Channel X - Wednesdays 9-11p


Troy Olson (or "TROLL" to his Frenemies and old school progenitors) is a musical bon vivant and vinyl historian of aural mayhem and underground cacophony! Notorious hanger-on and raucous purveyor all things audiosyncratic, he has abused the kindness of a multitude of local bands, musicians and talent throughout his tenuous career (if schmoozing and drinking count as a trade)!

Starting as a house DJ at the now defunct PINK CADILLAC CAFE with 'Associated Sound Systems' (A.S.S.) from its inception to close, he tutored (tortured?) with local luminaries SPYDER RHODES and later PAUL SAINZ as he plied his craft of wax villainy, then branched out to MUDBUGGS/The ROCK, RUNES CAFE, CLUB CONGRESS, CLUB CHAOS, NEW ORLEANS NIGHTCLUB, The UNDERGROUND, and a host of other unsuspecting venues throughout the years! As he always says "Play with the BEST, die like the REST!" ... it doesn't make any sense but then, he never had any to start with.

If any omissions have taken place, it's not surprising. He can barely remember what he had for breakfast, let alone what he may or may NOT have MAYBE done at some possible time in the foggy past. MAYBE.

Vladimir Novokshchenov

Indie Rock - Mondays 7-9p

Xan Solo

Indie Discotheque - Saturdays 9-11p


Having always been told that he has a great face and voice for radio, Xan Solo has always aspired to be a radio DJ and share his love of electronica music with the world. He has finally gotten his chance and is down to play the freshest tracks he finds.

A Tucson transplant hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Xan has grown to hate Tucson less and less with each passing day. He hopes that the public will hate him less and less as he drops the beats for you on Saturday nights at 9:00.