Downtown Radio’s Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse group of Tucson entrepreneurs and professionals. Board terms are two years.

Jason LeValley
Board President and Program Director

Jason LeValley by the Downtown Radio Logo Mural
Jason LeValley, Downtown Radio’s founder and executive director, became a rock n’ roll fanatic around the age of 13. He has helped raise thousands of dollars for charitable organizations through a number of special event benefit shows. He co-founded, managed, and promoted a recurring comedy show called the Club Congress Comedy Fiasco and has written about music for various periodicals in Arizona as well as California.

LeValley has a Master’s in Counseling from Santa Clara University and a passion for helping others. He spent two years as a special education teacher and close to 20 years as a high school counselor. He’s committed to helping to reduce the stigma that’s associated with seeking help for mental and emotional health issues.

LeValley got started in radio as a college student at the University of Redlands and gained three years of valuable radio experience at Tucson’s KXCI. Additionally, he published an e-book about bullying (and music) called Caitlin Sings a Song.

LeValley volunteers bi-weekly at the Casa Alitas refugee welcome center.

Andrew Gaskins

Michelle (Mischa) Livingston

Sivine Lupia

Sivine Lupia
Sivine is a New Jersey native who has been a devout music fan since day one. She began learning to play guitar at age 6 and started singing and songwriting by age 8. At 16 she was working for music festivals and magazines in New York City.

Shortly after moving to Tucson, she continued her pursuit of the business side of music as well as working with non-profits. Today, she owns and operates Brass & Black Bookkeeping and is the Treasurer for the Downtown Radio Board of Directors. She has a passion for helping businesses grow financially.

Sivine has also dealt with depression and anxiety lifelong and music has always acted as a remedy for her. Downtown Radio’s advocacy for mental health via the Depression Sessions and providing music to the community attracted Sivine’s interest in serving the station.

Paula Catherine Valencia