Follow Your Favorite DJ/Show on Facebook

Did you know many of our DJs/shows have their own Facebook pages? Make sure you’re following your favorite Downtown Radio DJ:

Paleo Dave’s Radio Waves on Downtown Radio – Tucson
DoctorSlow on 99.1FM Downtown Radio Tucson
Mr B00k‘s Rockabilly Rumble
Monday Night Metal Block w/Duane – 99.1 Downtown Radio
Ivan Smith on Downtown Radio Tucson – KTDT 99.1 FM
Radio Club Crawl with Host Brother Mok
Radio Oscura on 99.1FM Downtown Radio Tucson
DJ Max Webster
The Thing From Tucson
The Fluorescent Chapel 99.1 FM Downtown Radio Tucson
Mickmaster’s Space Rock Spectacular
Brother Mok Radio Show
Abby Normal’s Counter Culture Bliss Rock Mix
The Arizona 411
Punk N Roll Radio Show
Drew Dean on Downtown Radio Tucson
Garage Au Go-Go on Downtown Radio
DJ Testerman
Radio Border Blaster
Laughter Hours with FRANK Powers
Mr. Nature’s Music Garden LLC – Little Leaf Radio
The Art Of Easing on 99.1 FM Downtown Radio Tucson
Life Along The Streetcar
Desert Dweller on 99.1 FM Downtown Radio Tucson
Speakerbox X – Downtown Radio Tucson
Soul Vibes Sunday
T-Roy’s OLMEC Underground Show
Amelia Poe Love Show
DJ Hangthedj – Sonic Nurse & Continental Drift

Stay tuned for an Instagram DJ directory as well!