7:00 AM Rock Mix
8:00 AM Mr. Nature
Little Leaf Radio
9:00 AM dj ben(k) the musical bum
the art of easing…
11:00 AM Mark Stegeman
Education Matters
11:30 AM Tom Heath
Life Along the Streetcar
12:00 PM Chelle Means & Rebekah Nuffer
Mental Health Connection
12:30 PM Ty Logan
Heavy Mental
1:00 PM V-Riv
SpeakerBox X
3:00 PM Melissa
Soul Vibes Sunday
5:00 PM DJ T-Roy
Olmec Underground
7:00 PM Amelia Poe
The Love Show
9:00 PM Impulse
Electric Nights
11:00 PM Dexx
The Pocket Mix
1:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
7:00 AM Paleo Dave
Rock Mix
9:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
5:00 PM DoctorSlow
The Tonic
7:00 PM Wallace Book
Book’s Rockabilly Rumble
9:00 PM Duane Hollis
Metal Monday
11:00 PM YahTrav
Disco Deep Cuts
1:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
11:00 AM Mr. Bill
Rock Mix
1:00 PM Mr. Bill
Rock Mix
3:00 PM Ivan Smith (aka Latchkey Kid)
The After-School Special
5:00 PM Brother Mok
Radio Club Crawl
7:00 PM Heather Vee
Radio Oscura
9:00 PM Max Webster
Time Warp
11:00 PM The Gorehound & Celeste Frankenschtein
The THING from Tucson
1:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
11:00 AM Prince J
Rock Mix
1:00 PM Deedle D
Rock Mix
3:00 PM Tedski
Rock Mix
5:00 PM Satan
Rock Mix
7:00 PM Brandon Douglas
The Fluorescent Chapel
9:00 PM Mickmaster
Space Rock Spectacular
11:00 PM ~ Rock Mix
7:00 AM DoctorSlow
The Waiting Room
9:00 AM Brother Mok
Rock Mix
11:00 AM Brother Mok
Rock Mix
1:00 PM Abby Normal
Rock Mix
3:00 PM Rock Mix
5:00 PM Ivan Smith (aka Latchkey Kid)
Drivin’ with Ivan
7:00 PM Bo Awesome
Arizona 411
9:00 PM Eldar
Oaktown Tavern
11:00 PM Night Al
Punk ‘n’ Roll Radio Show
1:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
11:00 AM Drew Dean
Rock Mix
1:00 PM Rock Mix
3:00 PM Mickmaster
Friday Afternoon Drive-Time Rock Mix Rockpocalypse
5:00 PM Max Webster
Rock Mix
7:00 PM Buck and Honey
The Alternate
9:00 PM Seth Hammond
Sleepwalking with Seth
11:00 PM Mike Ohno
1:00 AM ~ Rock Mix
7:00 AM Testerman
Is Dis Indie?
9:00 AM Testerman
Distilled Endless Summer
11:00 AM Ilsa Kanto
Aphrodite’s Backbeat
1:00 PM N8 Lovelady
3:00 PM Rock Mix
5:00 PM Chuck Taylor
7:00 PM Troy Olson
Channel X
9:00 PM ~ Rock Mix