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Shufflemancy, n. A form of technomancy, using one's music library as a divination tool. Ask a question, set an intention, then shuffle your music library and read the song titles or absorb the meaning of the lyrics.

Shufflemancy is the occasional rock mix of Heather Vee, host of Radio Oscura, where she divines a mood for your day with an eclectic mix of rock and post-punk.

Heather Vee
Photo by Kristin Cofer.

Heather Vee is a preacher’s kid, an Aquarius, and has worked in media retail her entire teenage and adult life while doing freelance writing on the side. When she was a college freshman she DJed for the university radio station she listened to religiously as a high school freshman, followed a handful of artists and bands around the country in her twenties, and spent her thirties interviewing some heroes and writing a few books.

She also loves wearing black, can’t apply eyeliner to save her life, and regularly hosts Radio Oscura, Downtown Radio’s show exploring the spectrum of dark rock, both classic and new, from gothic and deathrock, dark/coldwave, ethereal, sinister synthpop, and dark cabaret, to apocalyptic neofolk, southern gothic, neoclassical, and menacing post-punk, post-rock, and post-industrial. If it’s dark and moody, it has a home on Radio Oscura every Tuesday, 7-9pm.

She currently works as a freelance web designer and administrator and frequently wishes all her library holds wouldn't come off hold within days of each other.

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