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An eerie soundtrack for the weird, weird world we live in

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Soundtracking the weird, weird world we live in, TarantulasDreamRadio broadcasts the best and weirdest tracks from the world of punk, experimental, noise and anything else that bites the hand. Every week we take a look at a new topic, focusing on the paranormal, UFOs, the occult and more, while keeping the tunes floating between your head cave.

If you want to dive even deeper into the fog, tune in every Monday and Wednesday, 9-10pm, on Instagram at TarantulasDreamTV, the live call-in talk show where host Samba breaks down the week's topic in detail.

The wide-eyed curiosity of what lies beyond is still alive and well, bouncing across the airwaves here on TarantulasDreamRadio!

Born 15 miles northeast of the towering beauty of White Sands, Samba has embraced the wide expanse of the unknown, translating this curiosity into a love of the paranormal. This love blossomed into a decades-long obsession, diving headfirst into investigating the question of UFOs, the occult, apparitions, and that spooky feeling you get when you hear a noise in the middle of the night. As a musician, the long trips across the country opened up opportunities to dive into late-night paranormal talk radio, and here our broadcasting story begins.

Samba spends his days as a local film projectionist, amateur woodworker, and full-time tofu fanatic.

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