The Power of Radio!

Own a business? Why not run underwriting announcements on Downtown Radio? You can put the word out about your business and support local, independent radio at the same time. Running underwriting announcements on Downtown Radio is an inexpensive, effective way to reach the people who are most likely to patronize your business: those who live, work, and hang out in the greater downtown area.

Get the benefits of advertising while helping the Tucson community. When you become a Downtown Radio underwriter, your business or organization connects directly with the heart of Tucson. Our listeners include locals, non-profit community members and resident professionals, as well as the Downtown, University of Arizona and 4th Avenue communities.

Name recognition at affordable rates

Deliver your message while supporting a local, independent voice in a world of increasingly corporate, non-locally owned media.

Local appreciation

Our loyal listeners will recognize your business or organization for contributing to the purpose of local-run radio, showing and sharing an interest in enhanced community enrichment, promotion, and a celebration of cultural diversity!

Social media ads are just not that effective. A recent Nielsen poll concluded that nearly 20% more consumers trust traditional radio advertising over social media ads.

Additionally, people still listen to radio far more than you might think. Studies show that 92% of adults 18 and over listen to the radio on a weekly basis.

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Becoming a sponsor of Downtown Radio not only supports the local music community, but it is also entirely tax-deductible.

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